PUMPKIN GUMMY WORMS Perfect for when your pup does tricks for treats! Tips and Tricks: Stir the mixture constantly while you add the gelatin to avoid lumps. Wiggle the mold back and forth gently before you put it in the fridge to ensure the mixture sets all the way into the mold. Make sure thereContinue reading

PUMPKIN COOKIES A frosted fall treat for your favorite pupkin. TIPS AND TRICKS: Be sure to bake the flour you use for the frosting to avoid contamination. Flour your surface really well before attempting to roll out your dough. Allow the cookies to cool completely before you attempt to frost them.

Succulent Gummies: Spinach Edition The candy equivalent of green juice for your pup. TIPS AND TRICKS: If your spinach mixture cools before you add the gelatin, put it back over low heat for 1 or 2 minutes. Make sure there are no bubbles when you pipe the mixture into the mold. Gently shake the moldContinue reading